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Poser Pro 2012 Service Release SR3 – REQUIRED
Version:, Released 8/13/2012

Poser Pro 2012 Service Release SR3 – REQUIRED
(Version:, Released 8/13/2012)

Updates the following versions of Poser Pro 2012 -shipping English version or versions with SR1, SR2 or SR2.1 applied. Installing Service Release 3.0 (SR3) is highly recommended and will improve Poser Pro 2012 in many areas. SR3 include all cumulative updates and enhancements from the previous Service Releases. For a full list of updates please refer to the SR3 Readme. Package includes: Service Release SR3 updater for Poser Pro 2012 and the Poser Pro 2012 Queue Manager

Poser Pro 2012 Reference Manual

Download Now (.pdf) 23.6 MB


Download Windows SR3 Update
Win file: PoserPro2012-SR3_win.zip
MD5 = 1c85e62fb5439f94a8103849d95a2c2b
File Size: 85.2 MB (.zip)


Download Mac SR3 Update
Mac File: PoserPro2012-SR3_mac.zip
MD5 = 9a409846afbb926e5105b9b6c3f92a82
File Size: 187.8 MB (.zip)

Poser Pro 2012 Queue Manager Updater – (Version:, Released 8/13/2012)

This installer updates the Poser Pro 2012 Queue Manager’s remote render node locations only.

Running this Poser Pro 2012 Queue Manager SR3 updater is only required for if you have set-up a Poser Pro 2012 SR3 render network. If you do not have a render network set-up you do not need this standalone Queue Manager updater.

Do not use this updater on your main installation host computer that is running Poser Pro 2012, the host Queue Manager installation will be automatically updated when applying the Poser Pro 2012 Service Release 3.

Windows SR3 Queue Manager

Download Windows SR3 Queue Manager Update

Win file: QueueManager2012-SR3_win.zip
MD5 = 8a6d9a4097dbda756f5bc97b31964ba8
File Size: 48.1 MB (.zip)

Mac SR3 Queue Manager

Download Mac SR3 Queue Manager Update

Mac File: QueueManager2012-SR3_mac.zip
MD5 = b1f1b46f28fbaf8b9f830c152005f6ae
File Size: 38.9 MB (.zip)

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