Jepe’s JURG 3.0


Jepe’s JURG 3.0

Copyright (C) 2013, Jepe

JURG3 is a morph and texture expansion (for Ulf Raynor’s ULFGens 2.0 – free at MPE3D).

JURG3 provides a completely new look to the Ulf Gens 2.0 by Ulf Raynor along with 12 original and reworked custom JURG 2.0 Morphs

This product is completely new and not an update to any previous versions.

It will work only in Poser 9 / PoserPro 2012 and in DAZ Studio 4.5, it doesn’t fully work in older versions of these programs.

Included are:

  • 20 new JURG3 morphs incl. M4, M5, H4, F4 Fits, new shapes for flaccid and erect state of the genitals, modelled after well known adult film stars
  • 24 new textures incl. bump, specular and 3 new displacement textures and a set of 60 different diffuse maps for DAZ Studio
  • 55 Utility poses for fit, size, real size length and morph presets
  • 240 newly created and hand-edited MAT poses with and without SSS for Poser9/Poser Pro 2012 and DAZ Studio 4.5!

System Requirements:

Poser 9 SR3.1 or Poser Pro 2012 SR3.1 and/or DAZ Studio 4.5

Needed Files:

ULFGens 2.0 Gens Figure (available in MPE3D Freestuff)

Note: This product replaces all former versions of Jepe’s ULFGens Real Gens products and is not a free update.

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This product is available at Jepe’s Store at PoserAddicts.
Click on the main promo above to jump to his store to buy the product.

4 thoughts on “Jepe’s JURG 3.0

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    • Hello Blaine,

      Firstly you should go to and download the free Daz Studio 4.9 Professional, and install it to your PC or Mac. Then you will have the ability to make renders using 3D figures and content. Once you can do that, you can either download the ULFGens 2.0 from our Freestuff section here and apply it to your 3D male figures, and the skin products which make the 3D figure look so “real” are products made by our Merchant “Jepe” who also sells products on Daz3D. The products are all for different genital figures which are either available at Daz3D or available through us at Maleposerotica. First things first, get Daz Studio over at Daz3D to get to understand how 3D works and to be able to do things with male figures, and you’ll learn it pretty quickly. – Admin

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