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The MPE3D Gallery is now online and if you never posted before, or didn’t comment or didn’t vote, then you are not in the new database, but its easy to add your account to the store by re-signing up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an email address with,,,,, or a cryptic email address that could be interpreted as a “spammer”, then you may or may not receive the authorization email from the Gallery system. The abovementioned email providers have a blacklist block against our hosting email server, Dreamhost and refuse to reinstate Dreamhost’s email IPs which in turn blocks all of our email addresses via IP.


We have been bombarded with over 200 spam mails added to the system a day via hacker scripts that found the Coppermine Gallery somehow.  These are automated scripts which have been approving users and preventing hacking a miserable job.  However, if you sign up for a new Gallery Account you MUST FILL OUT THE REQUESTED FIELDS and INPUT the TEXT the one FIELD asks you to.

If you do not do this and at least put in your LOCATION in the appropriate field, the system will consider you non-Human and will autodelete your request.  If you fill out these fields, we will mail you back with a you have been activated mail, and you can then login to the Galleries.

If you find you do not get a mail within less than 48 hours after signing up, check your SPAM mailbox, or if you don’t find it, then please send us a quick note with your nickname and the email you used to sign up, and we will turn on your account for you manually! Accounts not authenticated within 48 hours after signup will be deleted as unresolved.


Gallery NC-18 Warning Screen

Galleries Back Online

I managed to restore the Galleries back to full health and have made some visual changes to the front-end and layout as well. It’s still a work in progress and will have some changes made later on, with regard to color and a few fine-tuning issues, but all in all it works brilliantly, and has been backed up safely so it can be restored in the event of hackers again.

One important thing everyone should know though, the Galleries are of an adult nature, and as such require a login. Those of you who were part of the MPE II store who only viewed but didn’t participate (ie: post, comment or vote) were not added to the user listings for the Galleries. Reason for this was security. The hackers who brought down the site, added literally thousands of bogus user-names and accounts to the database, which means easy entry for any of them if I had imported them back in. This way, I have a clean and safe database of real users, and those who did post have full access to their galleries, albums and images again. I apologize for this being somewhat inconvenient to those who used to just lurk the galleries. In the future maybe you will be more active, either by posting or commenting on others artworks!

To get to the new MPE3D Galleries, simply click on the Gallery Logo Image above.


Note: We have noticed that those using email addresses from,, or the .de versions of those, and may or may not get their authorization emails to verify their accounts. This is because those companies block our Internet Provider and refuse to update their blacklists to accept our mailer. So we suggest you use another email provider for the galleries or you contact us via the help email and tell us your nickname and that you need it to be activated, and we’ll take care of it for you.


After a long battle with the myriads of spam data thrown into the master user files, I decided that in order to move forward safely, I would recreate the Coppermine Galleries outside of the store location, and it would no longer be connected to it.  The issue that caused the prior store and community to go belly-up was the fact that the parts were all controlled by the same singular database, shared by software that was Open-Source, meaning anyone could get the source code and create hacks into it.  This will not be the case going forward.

As of today, I managed to get the entire Gallery working again, and made the decision to only add the accounts of those who actively participated in the Galleries, not those who “lurked” in them.  The Galleries are adult in nature and therefore require a login account, so in order to view the Galleries, or to setup your own space, or comment or vote, you must be registered and use the authorization verification method to login.  What this means is, out of 10,000 users listed in the fully spammed user databases, only 390 were actively involved in the Galleries.  Either as Picture Posters, Voters or as Commenters.  This list was carefully selected to keep the Galleries working, and to eliminate the spammers.

You may be wondering, why isn’t my account carried over?  Well I actually ran a list of people who didn’t post, didn’t vote and didn’t comment, going back to January 1st of 2012.  If your last login was between then and the day the site went down on August 6th, then I took you into consideration, but I picked the people out by hand whom I actually KNOW, as many of the 1919 entries I got were spammer add-ons.

Based on the import, I carried over the passwords, and they worked fine as of completion of the gallery restore.  If you have problems logging in, then simply do a password reset.  If you are not found, then you most likely never posted an image, commented or voted.  Then simply sign up and register for a clean account.

The Gallery won’t be made public till the end of this weekend, as I am going to update it to the newest, latest and greatest version, which has serious security added to it and more flexibility for the users.  No longer will the system be using outdated software.

Thanks for all your patience and understanding!

Antonio Rodriguez
MalePoserotica Administrator


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