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DON’T WAIT A MINUTE LONGER! Take the plunge and start exploring the world of 3D art and animation. You’ll find everything you need to get started right on this page, so get to gettin’. If you don’t already have one, get a copy of Poser.

Introductory Tutorial Videos

We have an incredible library of tutorials and other training materials available in our training section which is accessible from the main navigation at the top of the site. Feel free to poke around there.

However, to get you started quickly, we’ve picked several of the best tutorials to view while you’re new to the product and just starting out. Enjoy!

Poser Interface 101

This quick video tour of the Poser 3D Software interface will teach the basics of what each main feature or tool controls so you can start posing 3D models and creating characters.

Poser Library 101

Building 3D scenes with Poser will be easy for after you watch this video tutorial. You’ll learn how to use Poser’s Library that’s full of 3D people, animals, clothing and props.

Poser Clothing 101

Putting clothes on 3D Poser character is simple, and this tutorial will help guide you through the simple steps needed to add clothes and hair to your figures.

Pose & Editing Tools 101

Learn how to pose your figures using the Pose and Editing tools, plus get a quick overview on Inverse Kinematics and the Auto Balance Tool.

Videos Copyright (C) 2012, Smith-Micro Software, Inc.

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