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2016-03-01 to 2016-03-31

MPE3D Community and Store using X-Cart Platinum.

After a very, very rough 2015, I’ve finally got the servers renewed for another 5 years and have installed and tested 7 pieces of software to create the MPE3D community.

Working together with Jadan Bliss (Outrelimits), we have coded and tested each piece of software needed to create each piece of the MPE3D community and shop.

The blog here will remain online to point you to the new store opening and former customers won’t need to be afraid their orders will have been lost, we are integrating old order history and legacy products into the new store.


MPE3D still looking for creators of content for use with male figures from Daz3D, Michael 4, Michael 5, Genesis and Genesis 2 Male, Genesis 3 Male and future males.

Poser content creators also sought to support the Smith-Micro figures.

brandenburger_tor_berlinMoving MPE3D and Servers to New Location in Berlin, Germany

A lot of you have been asking (in panic) what is going on with MPE3D and where are we in regard to the release of the new store.  As many of you have noticed, we have been getting new products from our merchant “Jepe” and have been offering them to you via our other store, so you can buy them as they are released.  Due to the strict rules of the payment provider you cannot see any detailed images of the products there, but here you can find out about them and see what they are about.

In December, we were offered a space in Berlin, Germany that we have been patiently waiting for for almost 4 years now to become available.  We jumped at the opportunity as it arose and signed the rental contract for the space located in the middle of the city center, and conveniently in the middle of the gay quarter, where most of the fetish and leather shops are located.  The place was home to a group of medical students for the past few years and little to nothing was done in the space, so it needed some serious repairs to be made to it.  As I plan on using the space as my photographic studio for photographing 3D skin references as well as photo-references for poses, and also my photo-erotica work, I need to setup the photographic equipment on the ceilings and repaint everything, as well as seal up the leaky windows which are dating back to the 1890’s.

So please, don’t think that things are not happening, they are, and faster than we can do it too.  Problem is that Berlin is two hours from the old location by car, and I am only there four days of the week to get things ready, so my apologies that things aren’t moving as fast as you may like them to.  The solution in the meantime, with our other store carrying the base products, and us announcing them here, should help you a lot.  And we may put many other items for M4 etc on the other store with neutral logos to help you if you need something else other than Jepe’s products.  If you do need something that was on the old store site, then feel free to ask by email, using Help (at) <this domain> and we will try to help you ASAP and get you a payment option location.

– Antonio


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