MPE3D Freebies

As an in-between solution for the folks who cannot access the MPE3D Freestuff since the site is currently offline, I have created a special download space for all the various freebies we offered on the MalePoserotica site.

As the files become available to download we will add their links here for you below:

Adzan’s HiroGens

Adzan’ HiroGens Accessories

Adzan’s HiroGens Textures


Popular Morphs

M4 Fetish Clothing & Addons

Satanica_Inc Real M3 Gens

Channing’s Freebies

Soto’s Freebies (Posted with Permission)

Karth’s Freebies (Posted with Permission)

Male-M3Dia Mats

ARCHIVED FREEBIES (for D3, H3, M3 and Earlier)

Room of Secrets Freebies

Bernie’s Freebies

Spubba’s Freebies

Note: as the links become available on the server we will add them to this page and update. If the item isn’t linked right away, have patience we will be linking them shortly.

9 thoughts on “MPE3D Freebies

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  2. I see that there are PNGs for Channings 2.0 Expansion, but are there actual poses? Even though it is 4 years old, I am just getting into using the ULFGens model. Thanks.

    • The PNGs were created by Channing as a replacement for the ones he had put into the product so they would be more understandable. We are looking at updating the product to work with the product that Jepe’s creating at the moment, and then there will be no need for the PNGs to be added to the product itself any longer. Part of the update to the store will be to go through many of the existing products and to properly update them to work with Poser Pro 2012 / Poser 9 and Daz Studio 4.5. Many positive changes will be taking place with the products at MPE3D in the upcoming months. The poses you mention are the product poses that the PNGs were made for, the ZIP of PNGs was meant to be placed over the Channing ULFGens 2.0 Expansion product Runtime location to update the images which were vague. -AR

    • Firstly you need to let us know what program you are using to render with. If you use Poser, then the products must be installed to your \Runtime\ folder, wherever your Poser installs are placed on your hard drive. If you are using Daz Studio 4.5 and above the files go where your Daz Studio\My Libraries are located. Everything changed over the past few years and Daz Studio content goes in new locations and Poser goes into the time-worn traditional spaces. Usually installers are either in .EXE format or in .ZIP format. The Zip format ones can be pointed to your Runtime or DS Content folders and extracted to the correct places usually with any ZIP extraction program or with your PC or Mac settings.

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