Jepe’s RealGens M4 – Gets Star Quality!

NEW – 2012-10-15!

Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Hotter!

Jepe’s RealGens 4 Addon 1 – Upgrade and Standalone Versions

Check out the new pages on the Products Menu for the new addon products for the Jepe’s M4 RealGens 4.  Products are now available for sale click on images below to go to review pages, then click on the header images in the reviews to go to Jepe’s products in the store. Be sure to select the correct product for your situation.

RealGens for M4Gens Gets a Complete “Facelift” for Poser Pro 2012

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Jepe has been working on a serious updated version of his RealGens for M4Gens, which is a completely new version of the past RealGens for M4Gens with new morphing and fixes for some of the problems in the original Daz3D M4Gens.

To quote Jepe:

This is a brand-new version of my Real Gens, it has a new folder 
structure with completely new MATs.

I have reworked all textures and all transmaps.

The original texture had a bit much foreskin behind the glans, 
so I changed that because my new morphs are intended to be cut morphs.
It didn't look that good with the old textures. The new textures will
overwrite the old when installed in the same Runtime because I didn't 
change the names and paths. The INJ files now use different morph 
channels (from PBMCC_20 to 34) because there are a few freebies out 
there that interfered with the former lower channels. 
Scatter Group I set to 20 that it will not give that blueish shadow 
when attached to a scattered skin.

Recent update from Jepe:

I just finished making all the preview thumbs again, I re-organized 
the folder structure in M4 RG and throwed out all the shades 
(80% diffuse and 60% diffuse), but still have around 300 MATs, 
because I have 4 different displacements now and SSS MATs for 
Poser 9/Poser Pro 2012 SR3 and DS.

We are looking forward to the release of this new product, and with this will come a fix to Channing’s Gens & Cum product fixing some polygons in the glans and making it fully functional with the brand new Jepe’s RealGens for M4Gens.

Stay tuned for more cool updated info.

Some of the promo’s coming in the new product
for you to look at (and drool over).

Click on the Thumb to See it in Full SizeClick on the Thumb to See it in Full Size

Click on the Thumb to See it in Full SizeClick on the Thumb to See it in Full Size

Images Copyright (C) 2012, Jepe.

10 thoughts on “Jepe’s RealGens M4 – Gets Star Quality!

    • I will make Jepe aware of this question and see what he tells us. I’m sure he will think of something for his loyal customers. -AR

    • This product is for the standalone M4 Genital figure, which you could use on Genesis as well by parenting the “hip” of the gens to the “pelvis” of Genesis. You will need to adjust the junction between the Genesis figure and the M4Gens. But you will require the M4Gens which is part of the M4 Morphs++ package sold at Daz3D. This addon is NOT for the M5Gens which are a DS4.x only Geograft product only sold in the M5 Professional Bundle at Daz3D. But if you have the M4Gens, then you can use this on Genesis as a parented product to the figure (not conformed). -AR

  1. Is there some way to change the “state” of the M4 Gens…such as erection, etc. I only see very limited options available to control sizes but nothing to control motion or erectile state :/

    • If you use the original M4Gens from Daz3D, then you do not have options more than the standard ones that come with the original Gens figure. In order to get EasyPose abilities you either need the Channing’s M4Gens Expansion 1 or the Channing’s M4Gens + Cum Product, which enhances the original M4Gens from Daz3D into a new updated product with EasyPose built in, which allows you to simply select the entire Gens (Body or Hip) and then use the EasyPose Dials in that segment to bend, twist, swing, sway or erect. That is one of the advantages of the Channing addon products in addition to the Jepe RealGens product, which enhances not only the skin textures options for figures which do not come with M4Gen textures provided, but also allows you to us some of the added features, which Jepe added, such as length and thickness expansion which is not part of the Channing addons. Plus Jepe created some wonderful ZBrushed morphs to make the Gens look more realistic. Channing also has a number of shapes and forms which are not part of the original M4Gens from Daz3D.


      • Thank you! I was wondering if they would work together because I believe I have all of those products. I purchased Jepe’s new product yesterday and was using it with the M4 Genitals which I have never actually utilized before. I have only been using Channing’s product. I am going to trey Jepe’s new product with Channing’s and see if I can get it to work. My problem right now is figuring out how to parent Channing’s product with M5. I know I saw some info on that awhile back, but that was before I had M5 or a need to do that. I’ve tried parenting to both the hip and pelvis but it’s tough getting the alignment right because some of the directional movements end up rotating instead :/I’m trying to get it properly attached before I attempt anything else. Thank you so much for your kind assistance!

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