MPE3D Galleries are Up Again!

Gallery NC-18 Warning Screen

MPE3D Galleries Back Online

I managed to restore the Galleries back to full health and have made some visual changes to the front-end and layout as well. It’s still a work in progress and will have some changes made later on, with regard to color and a few fine-tuning issues, but all in all it works brilliantly, and has been backed up safely so it can be restored in the event of hackers again.

One important thing everyone should know though, the Galleries are of an adult nature, and as such require a login. Those of you who were part of the MPE II store who only viewed but didn’t participate (ie: post, comment or vote) were not added to the user listings for the Galleries. Reason for this was security. The hackers who brought down the site, added literally thousands of bogus user-names and accounts to the database, which means easy entry for any of them if I had imported them back in. This way, I have a clean and safe database of real users, and those who did post have full access to their galleries, albums and images again. I apologize for this being somewhat inconvenient to those who used to just lurk the galleries. In the future maybe you will be more active, either by posting or commenting on others artworks!

TO REGISTER in the new MPE3D Galleries, please fill out the following information in the Registration Fields properly, Location, Render Program, and the Special Question which requests you to answer properly.  If you do not do this step, we will consider your request to be a created account via hackers, and will delete it.  It’s a simple way to verify if you are real or not.  Please bear with us, but we don’t wish to lose the Galleries to hackers ever again so we must take these safety steps.

To get to the new MPE3D Galleries, simply click on the Gallery Logo Image above.

Antonio Rodriguez
Administrator, MPE3D (MalePoserotica)

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