Summer Release – Jepe’s JUG 2.0 Celebrity Morphs for ULFGens 2.0


New Release for Summer 2013! Check out JUG 2.0 Celebrity Morphs!!!

We have added a brand new release from Jepe adding to the popular ULFGens 2.0 free genital figure exclusively here at MPE3D we proudly present to you his JUG 2.0 Celebrity Morphs Addon now in Jepe’s Store too, after his successful release of his RealGens for UlfGens 2.0 Version 3.0 (The ULFGens 2.0 are a freebie in the Freestuff section here).

** NEW ** JUG 2.0 Celebrity Morphs for ULFGens 2.0


Check out the product detail pages under the option MPE3D Products above.

3 thoughts on “Summer Release – Jepe’s JUG 2.0 Celebrity Morphs for ULFGens 2.0

  1. Will there be more products coming out in 2014? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an update and I wish nothing but the best for maleposerotica.

    • After the Christmas holidays, I have begun work on the new MPE3D again. I had been seriously ill last year and it caused me some serious setbacks. Since I am doing all this alone, without any assistance, and am not a programmer, its been difficult getting the old customer data into the new software, I am doing it all by hand and checking it by hand so that no one loses their prior purchase history. The new store will concentrate on both Poser 10/PoserPro 2014 and upward, as well as full support for Genesis, Genesis 2, and the Generation 4 figures from Daz3D. I will also add in a side-mall for using female figures with our products, such as transgender, futanari, herma and the like. Since I concentrate on 3D male artwork supplies so-to-speak, I cannot ignore those who wish to use male attributes using female figures. But MPE3D will be male themed, and that will be a sideline available to those who explicitly want to see that, and for merchants who wish to support it. An entire new range of products, characters and props are in the works for this year, and will be in the new store upon its release after testing. -AR

  2. Any further updates on the new site? I hope everything is going well and I am eager to see any new products you might have. Thanks!

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