Update on MPE3D for everyone…

Hello all,

Well after a long time, we have been working in the background to recreate a new safe environment and website with a new store, new forums, new galleries, new chat rooms, and hopefully alot of new innovative products since we shut down a few years back after being hacked.  Since February 2016 I’ve been rebuilding and expanding the servers and software to finally get the entire show on the road again at MPE, now returning as MPE3D.

Moving into a new era, we will be supporting both Daz Studio 4.9 and above and also Poser 11.  We will be looking for vendors who wish to join the team at MPE3D and we will be expanding our offerings to not only be sexually oriented items but all things male-related, including poses, props, add-ons and characters as well as clothing and textures.

MPE3D has been started up in sections, and we are interested in finding out if anyone would be interested in joining us as moderators or participants to test and work out the bugs or little illnesses the new system may have at the beginning.



We would love to have your feedback, comments and have you discussing things about male-themed artwork and start getting the ball rolling for MPE3D.  Feel free to sign up and join us at the MPE3D Forums found HERE (Looks Great on Mobile Devices too!)

If you are a content creator, we are interested in talking to you.

Now what is currently going on?

I had a long talk with Jepe, about all the genital expansion products and he wants to do some new installer setups to make things less complex for the users of Daz Studio 4.9 and up, so that products are now setup with folders in the programs of choice and that the files are updated to reflect that.  Additionally, he wants to make more compact products where the expansions are all-in-one items for future customers.  We are currently discussing how to handle updating existing customers with their older versions, but that will happen in the new MPE3D store.

All of you who have bought any of Jepe’s products on the PoserAddicts Jepe store, will have their information ported over to MPE3D, so they can get any updates and announcements sent to them.

I’m excited to begin showing the community all the new stuff I’ve been getting ready for the future of MPE3D and Male Themed Rendering.

Antonio Rodriguez
Administrator, MPE3D (MalePoserotica)